Rent a sailcloth tent

Elegant lines, the magical glow, and the contemporary, exclusive feel of a sailcloth tent will make your day utterly unforgettable. The openness and natural ambience of the sailcloth tent, complete with timber support poles, therefore guarantees an exuberant atmosphere.

Sailcloth tents in L- of U- shape

Our sailcloth tents are available in various sizes from 25 m2 to over 1000 m2. We can adapt the length and width to your setting or the location. You also have various options to choose from in terms of the shape. Will you choose the traditional oval shape or an L-shape or U-shape? The sailcloth tent can be fully enclosed using clear tarpaulins at the side that can be rolled up.

All of our tents are waterproof and resistant to strong winds, and also offer protection from harmful UV rays. The tents are fire-proof and non-flammable.

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  • 'Wow' factor thanks to the height of the tent
  • Can be fully enclosed
  • Lighting makes for a surprising effect
Rent a sailcloth tent

Stable timber cassette floor for your sailcloth tent

Will your event be held on soft ground or a field? Hire a high-quality cassette floor and your guests will have a stable, secure base to dance on. We install our timber cassette floor on practically any surface and we level off where necessary.

Timber deck floor for your sailcloth tent

Are you looking for a stylish timber floor and does your site have a level surface? A duckboard floor is made up of wooden planks that instantly add a cosy atmosphere to your event.

Might a stretch tent be more suitable for your needs?

Do you prefer organic shapes? Are you looking to install a tent against a building or fixed structure? Or would you like a tent that can be adapted to its setting? Then a stretch tent might be a more suitable option for your event.

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Rent a sailcloth tent


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