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Stavanger is a tent with many possibilities. First of all, there are the variations with the mocha roof fabric. Two widths, a standard wall height of 2.75 m and a terrace that can be erected on one long side and on both ends. Combined with the warm grey roof fabric, Stavanger can be set up in five widths and there are variations with two wall heights.

Contemporary elegance with a Scandinavian touch for a stylish event.

Stavanger has one type of wall. It is characterized by a modern top-to-bottom window division and maximum light penetration. Every wall is equipped with doors. The standard wall (2.75 m) can be raised by 75 cm. This increase is only possible in the concrete-grey version.

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  • Scandinavian style
  • Contemporary elegance
  • Warm grey wooden windows
Rent a Stavanger Tent

Stable wooden cassette floor for your Stavanger

A party on an unpaved terrain or a grass field? Rent a high-quality cassette floor and dance on a stable, safe surface. We place our wooden cassette floor on almost any surface and level it where necessary.

Wooden walls in your Stavanger

Wooden walls give an extra natural finish to your tent. You can use these wooden walls as a back wall in your tent or to create a partition.

Maybe you need a Hampton Bay tent instead?

Do you prefer an American Country style? Are you looking for a warm tent with soft colours?

Then the Hampton Bay Tent is the solution. This exclusive marquee goes beyond the ordinary and will leave an unforgettable impression on you and your guests.

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Rent a Stavanger Tent


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