Rent a stretch tent

A stretch tent has an open structure and an organic shape

Ideal for an intimate dinner, as a shelter, or connected to a building to provide cover for a patio area.

How many guests are you expecting? We have a large range of tents in a variety of colours and sizes, so you are bound to find your perfect stretch tent. If you are holding a small, intimate event, we can accommodate you with tent sizes starting from 30 m2.
If you would like a larger stretch tent, it is possible to join several tents together to create at least 600 m2 of space. We have more than 15 different sizes available.

Our stretch tents come in either white or sand-coloured material, and the accessory poles are always eucalyptus. Our tents offer unlimited possibilities. You can choose one or a combination of the options below, plus each of our tents can be connected to a wall.

All of our tents are waterproof and resistant to strong winds, and also offer protection from harmful UV rays. The tents are fire-proof and non-flammable.

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  • Organic shape
  • Tents can be joined together while still ensuring watertightness
  • An intimate atmosphere like no other
Rent a stretch tent

Cassette floor

Will your event be held on soft ground or a field? Hire a high-quality cassette floor and your guests will have a stable, secure base to dance on. We install our timber cassette floor on practically any surface. The floor also protects the ground underneath.

Atmospheric lighting in your stretch tent

Increase the 'wow' factor of your stretch tent even more with lighting. Our festoon lights perfectly complement the setting of our tents.

Might a sailcloth tent be more suitable for your needs?

Elegant lines, the magical glow, and the contemporary, exclusive feel of a sailcloth tent will make your day utterly unforgettable. The tent can be fully enclosed using the tarpaulin sides. Tempted by the sailcloth tent too?

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Rent a stretch tent


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