General terms & conditions

1. Application

1.1 The general conditions of Altiro bvba apply to all documents drawn up by Altiro bvba and to all agreements and that are concluded with Altiro bvba.
1.2 These general terms and conditions always prevail over any other conditions referred to by the client, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
1.3 These general conditions apply from 21/09/2015 and replace all previous ones.

2. Quotation

2.1 All prices include construction and demolition, and excluding transport and 21% VAT, unless stated otherwise. The offers are valid for 14 days and subject to extra work (see article 3).
2.2 The offer does not guarantee availability, the customer must ask for confirmation.
2.3 The materials are only definitively reserved after receipt of the advance.
2.4 The final dimensions of the stretch tents may vary slightly due to the arrangement.
2.5 The dimensions of the sailcloth tents are transferred from English sizes to metric and are abradable for ease of use.

3 Placement

3.1 The building site must be easily accessible, ie:
3.1.1 accessible by a truck up to 20 meters from the installation site,
3.1.2 there must be a passage of at least 2.5 meters from unloading area to the place of construction,
3.1.3 the unloading point, passage and place of construction must be free of obstacles.
3.2 The subsurface of the unloading area, passage and installation location must be sufficiently hard to provide sufficient stability for unloading and erection. The surface of the construction site must be sufficiently strong to guarantee the stability of the floor and / or tent, and the anchoring by means of pickets.
3.3 The difference in height at the installation site may not exceed 20 cm.
3.4 If pickets are not allowed to be driven into the ground at certain places (eg with underground pipes), the client must explicitly inform Altiro bvba of this.
3.5 If a tent has to be worked on an existing building, holes will be drilled in the wall, unless otherwise agreed and stated.
3.6 If the conditions of this article are not met and no prior written agreements have been made about this, Altiro bvba reserves the right to charge extra costs.

4 Liability

4.1 Use during rental period
4.1.1 The client may not itself make any changes to the arrangement of the rented goods.
4.1.2 In case of snowfall, the client is responsible for sufficient heating of the tent, in order to prevent an overload by snow.
4.1.3 There must be no cooking or barbecuing in the tent, unless expressly permitted by Altiro bvba.
4.1.4 In the event of contamination of the material during the rental period, which is not caused by Altiro bvba, the cleaning costs will be recovered from the client.
4.1.5 The client is liable for all damage from the delivery of the tent and / or goods until the start of demolition or collection. Altiro bvba reserves the right to demand adequate compensation for both direct and indirect damage.
4.2 Force majeure
4.2.1 Force majeure means: all circumstances where Altiro bvba can not influence, and that prevent the goods from being delivered, placed and / or can not be delivered in a safe manner.
4.2.2 If delivery, placement and / or use can not take place due to force majeure, Altiro bvba can not be held liable for this. Advances will not be refunded.
4.2.3 When force majeure occurs during or after the placement, Altiro bvba can not be held liable for this. The full invoice amount is then payable.

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4.2.4 If necessary and possible, Altiro bvba can unilaterally decide to demolish a tent, in order to prevent any damage (for example in case of heavy wind forecasts).
4.2.5 Any damage as a result of force majeure can not be recovered from Altiro bvba.
4.3 Liability Altiro bvba
4.3.1 The liability of Altiro bvba is limited to what is covered by the liability insurance of Altiro bvba is closed.
4.3.2 The customer will never be able to hold Altiro bvba liable with regard to third parties.

5 Cancellation

5.1 If one of the parties terminates or cancels the agreement or if the agreement can not be effected by his actions, the breaking party shall owe compensation to the other party in accordance with the following scale. The planned date is the day on which the goods would normally be made available.
5.1.1 Cancellation up to and including 31 days before the planned date: 30% of the invoice amount,
5.1.2 cancellation from 30 to 15 days before the scheduled date: 50% of the invoice


6.1 Paid deposits will not be refunded.
6.2 The deposit will be 40% of the order amount invoiced upon the order.
6.3 The invoice balance will be paid after delivery of the equipment.
6.4 Upon payment delay of the deposit, Altiro bvba will have the right to cancel the delivery and/or construction, remaining all due payments of the full amount of the order.
6.5 All invoices are to be paid before the due date, by transfer, on the account of Altiro bvba. every paid amount will be charged to the oldest, unpaid, invoice, with priority to the due interests and costs. All received discounts will be withdrawn upon not respecting the general terms and conditions.
6.6 Clients will receive a term of 8 days to pay the invoice in full after receiving a reminder from Altiro bvba. Clients will be charged with negligence interest owed to the interest rate, according to article 5 judged by law 02/08/2002 to prosecute late payment with commercial transactions and pay a compensation of 10% of the full amount of the invoice with a minimum of 125 EUR, starting from de date of the first reminder to the day of payment by the client.
6.7 Altiro bvba will remain the right to stop all performances following to the commitments made between Altiro bvba and the client until all invoices and/or interests are paid in full. Altiro bvba will have the right to claim all due payments upon delays in payments made by the client.
6.8 Any dispute on the invoice will be motivated by letter, registered, to Altiro bvba, within the terms of 8 days after receiving the
6.9 The term for all complaints or disputes regarding delivered services starts with the day of delivery. The term for all complaints or disputes regarding the invoice starts with the invoice date. By lacking of complaints or disputes, the services/invoices are regard as excepted and payment is due.

7.Privacy policy

7.1 All texts, pictures, video’s, schematics, calculations and other who are made available by Altiro bvba, remain property of Altiro


8.1 Belgium rights remain applicable to all quotations, invoices and other documents or agreements.
8.2 Solely the peace court or court of Antwerp is authorized in any case of dispute, unless otherwise enforced by law.